JBR Glow

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JBR Glow

A linebred project that started back in 2002 at JBReptiles and consisted for years of producing and selecting the most intense coloured and contrasted Tremper Albino. The project started with some SHTCTB crossed into some very bright coloured, contrasted & high black spotted Lavender High Yellows. The animals resulting from this cross were highly contrasted yellow/orange with a lots of black spotting but almost no Hypo influence. These specimens were then then crossed into some basical Tremper Albino to give the 1st generation of what became a few years later an easily recognizable and stable line under the name “JBR Glow”. The JBR Glow have an intense Tangerine color with sometimes red spots or lines going through their body, these coloration are contrasted with a nice Lavender banding which stay on most specimens at the adult age (at least for the Original Glow, it can be different in other project where this line is involved), Carrot /Red Head with larges markings/spots on the head is one of the Glow characteristics. They mostly hatch with already a intense Carrot/Red head and a nice tangerine color on the body, the animals will see their color get more intensity and deepness through growing. Another of the Gow characteristics is their tails which are for most of them very light colored. Some of them also carry a Red Tail genetics which doesn't influence the amount of Carrot on the tail but the redness of it, the way to produce the best Red Tail on this line is totally different than the way to produce the best Carrot Tail from other lines. To explain it shortly, it's not the ones with the largest amount of Red who produce the best looking babies. Cross a Red Tail with a sibling Red Tail seems to be the key to produce the best Red Tail.

JBR HRG (High Red Glow)

After some years of work on my Glow line, in 2010, I hatched some beautiful specimens who show a very intense Extreme Tangerine / Red coloration on all the body after 6 weeks. I called them JBR HRG (High Red Glow).


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