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What is a humid hide and what is it for?

A humid hide is used to aid with shedding of Leopard Geckos. Leopard geckos do not need any humidity and like it dry but when shedding they need a little moisture and humidity to aid with shedding. Humid hides can also aid in clearing impaction

How do I make a humid hide?

Example of Containers for Humid Hides Making a humid hide is very simple and cheap. They do sell ones that are more natural looking but they cost more money. A lot of people, especially ones that have several Leopard Geckos make them to save money. To make one, you will first need a plastic container like these ones to the right.

Those are just a couple of examples that will work, their are other shapes and sizes that work also. Be sure to clean it out good, once you have cleaned it good. Then your ready to cut a hole in the side, the hole needs to be large enough for the Leopard Gecko to enter and exit. Be careful not to leave any sharp edges, do not want the gecko to cut itself. Once you are done cutting your hole out, your pretty much done.

What to put into the humid hide?

Once your humid hide is made, you are ready to add the substrate. I use and recommend moist paper towels, easiest to use, not messy,and safe. Some people use moss, while it will work, it tends to be more messy and can be a risk of impaction,especially for young geckos. Bed-A-Beast or Coco Fiber also holds moisture very well.

The Finished Product

Completed Humid Hide


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