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MK Geckos is ran by Kyle Johnson and Kristi Brown.  In our first year of breeding we have produced 59 healthy Leopard Geckos.  In the geckos we produced, we made some stunners including a RAPTOR, 2 Mack Snow Tremper Albinos, numerous Mack Snow het Trempers, Jungle Tremper Albinos, and some beautiful Tangerines and Hypo Tangerines.
In the 2008 season, MK Geckos will not be breeding.  We have decided to put our focus in caring for and having different species of herps.  Currently we have 3 Dendrobates leucomelas (Bumble Bee Dart Frogs), 1.2 Tucson Banded Geckos, and 1.5 Leopard Geckos.
Our main goal for developing the Wiki is to provide a one stop place for Leopard Gecko accurate information.  One of the coolest features of the Wiki is anyone who joins can create and edit articles.
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