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A Super Giant is the homozygous version on the Giant trait. In relation to Giants and Normals, Super Giants are the largest. Currently, the biggest Super Giant, Moose from Ron Tremper, weighed in at 156 grams and 11 3/8 inches from nose to tail tip.


The Giant and Super Giant trait is a Codominant morph. Consequently there are three different forms of the trait: Normal, Giant, and Super Giant. Normals do not carry the Giant trait. Giants carry one copy of the trait and are heterozygous for Super Giant. Super Giants are homozygous for the trait.

When breeding Giant to Giant, there is a 25% chance of producing Normals, 25% for Super Giants, and 50% for Giants. When breeding Super Giant to Super Giant, there will be 100% Super Giants produced. Normal to Super Giant will produce 100% Giants. Breeding Normal to Giant will produce 50% Giants and 50% Normals.

When figuring out if a hatchling is a Normal, Giant, or Super Giant, the only way to tell is when it has finished growing. Super Giants will generally eclipse the 130 gram mark while Giants will go over 100 grams. Just because a Leopard Gecko goes over 100 grams in weight, does not mean it is a Giant. It is important to know the background of the parents.


This is a Tremper Albino Super Giant (Rekowski).

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