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== Stealth ==
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A Stealth is a combination of the Leopard Gecko genetic traits, [[RADAR]] and [[Mack Snow]].  It combines three different genetic traits, [[Eclipse]], [[Bell Albino]], and [[Mack Snow]].  It also includes the [[Patternless Stripe]] trait.
== Mack Snow RADAR Genetics==
''Two [[homozygous]] recessive morphs:''
- [[Bell Albino]]
- [[Eclipse]]
One [[heterozygous]] incomplete dominant morph:
- [[Mack Snow]]
One (maybe) dominant morph:
- [[Patternless Stripe]]
===Who is Working With Them?===
*Matt Baronak [!/pages/SaSobeks-World-of-Reptiles/123575404344404 SaSobek's World of Reptiles]
==Stealth Images==
Image:Matt Stealth Mack Snow RADAR.jpg|[[Stealth]] (Baronak).
==Image Reference==
*Baronak, Matt.

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