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A Snowglow is a combination morph of 3 traits: the Mack Snow gene, Albino gene (Any one of the three,Bell, Rainwater, or Tremper), and a SHTCT. The end result is a Snowglow. The desired look of a Snowglow is a white gecko with a light orange/yellow hue to it. == Snowglow Creation == Genetically speaking, it takes approximately 1 to 2 generations to achieve depending on the method of breeding. The easiest route to create Snowglows is to breed a Super Snow Albino to a Sunglow. All of the hatchlings will be Mack Snow Albinos with the orange coloring varying. From there, in the future generations, the ones showing the most desirable colors should be bred together.

The slower method would be to breed a Mack Snow to a Sunglow. From there the babies would be 50% Normal het Albino and 50% Mack Snow het Albino. The Mack Snow het Albinos would be bred back to each other. With this combination, there would be a 25% chance of creating a Snowglow.

When comparing the two methods, the second is cheaper to accomplish, but the first is the most efficient way.


Tremper Snowglow 1st generation(JBReptiles)

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