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Typically RAPTOR Hatchlings look like this (Johnson). RAPTOR stands for Red-eye Albino Patternless Tremper ORange. A RAPTOR is a Red-Eyed Albino gecko with an orange colored body. They were created by Ron Tremper in 2004. Unlike some morphs such as Blizzards or Enigmas which are random mutations, RAPTORs are a combination morph. They are a combination of the Eclipse morph, Patternless Stripe morph, and the Tremper Albino morph.

The process in creating RAPTORs has led to the creation of many different morphs. Those morphs include: Reverse Stripes, Carrot Heads, and APTORs.

RAPTOR Crosses

There has been a lot of work recently with the RAPTOR morph in crossing it into other morphs. Currently there are Diablo Blancos (RAPTOR x Blizzard), Mack Snow RAPTOR (RAPTOR x Mack Snow), and Super RAPTORs (RAPTOR x Mack Super Snow).

Ron Tremper was the first to create the Diablo Blanco. As for the other two morphs, many people have been working with them such as Kelli Hammack Hiss, Alberto Cadolini A&M Geckos, and Ron Tremper.


This is a RAPTOR head shot (Locke).
typically raptor hatchlings look like this (johnson).

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