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The Phantom morph is a combination morph developed by The Urban Gecko. In order to create the Phantoms, they first bred their TUG Snows to their SHTCTs. They took the best looking hatchlings from their first generation, F1, and bred them to their Sunglows. The F2, second generation hatchlings, we now Super Hypo TUG Snows het for Tremper Albino. Then the F2's were bred back to each other to create the Phantoms, a Sunglow TUG Snow.

When comparing the Phantoms to other snow combinations such as the Snowglows or Creamsicles, their coloring seems to be more lavender than pink, yellow, or orange. Phantoms are like Snowglows but the snow in them is TUG, the Snow in Snowglows is Mack Snow. Other than that they both contain Sunglow, or SHTCTs Albino.


This is a Phantom produced by

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