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Sorry for the down time. I was able to work the bugs out of the Leopard Gecko Wiki. Now it should be running properly. If you experience any issues, please fill out the contact form on and I will get them fixed.

The Leopard Gecko Wiki will also be closing registration for new members until we figure out how to stop the spammers. If you have not registered and would like to contribute, please fill out the form on MK Geckos,

Thank you for your patience,


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Feature Article: Enigma Murphy Patternless

Alberto Cadolini from A&M Geckos was the first to hatch a Tremper Albino Murphy Patternless Enigma on June 27, 2008. A picture can be seen below. For more information, please click on the link... (more)

Am enigma tremppat front page.jpg

Did you know...

  • ... It took JMG Reptile 3 generations of breeding to obtain the desired look of the Creamsicles? (more)
  • ...comparing the E.m.afganicus to other Leopard Gecko subspecies, they are much smaller?(more)
  • ...Tremper Albinos were the first of the three strains of Albinos to be discovered in 1996 by Ron Tremper? (more)
  • ...Super RAPTOR and Diablo Blanco are both white Leopard Geckos with ruby red eyes? (more)
  • ...when the male is ready to breed, he will make a buzzing noise with the end of his tail and then bite the female?(more)
  • ...Super Snows are not made from just breeding Mack Snow to a Mack Snow? (more)
  • ...there are three different forms in which the Eclipse trait appears? (more)
  • ...a RADAR Bell is the Bell Albino equivalent of a RAPTOR? (more)

Getting started

We have created a page that goes over the basic formatting information. It is a great guide for writing articles. The formatting included is: Page Headers, Bolding, Italics, Images, Linking, Categorizing, and List.

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