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Lavender refers to Leopard Geckos who show a light violet body colour called "lavender". They can come combined with many different colours & Patterns. A Lavender Leopard Gecko morph is currently considered Polygenic, and therefore a Line Bred Morph. This fact, combined with the tendency of many young lavenders to loose their colour as they grow adult makes them hard to breed and to improve.


In 2003 JMGReptile set out to create a Lavender Line. It was initiated by breeding Stripes to Normals that showed varying amounts of Lavender coloring. The geckos that showed the most lavender were bred back to each other. This process was repeated until the desired look was obtained.

There are several Breeders in US & Europe working on lavender-projects with different genetic backgrounds.


Lavender has also been achieved through the use of the albino strains, especially in the Bell Albino strain. Use of crossing Bold Stripes with the Bell Albino strain has shown results in producing the color lavender.

Who is Working With Them? EccoGeckos Rebecca Hassler Dragoon Gecko.


Lavender Stripe Bell Albino EccoGeckos
Lavender Mack Snow Ghost Stripe(Dragoon Gecko)

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