Gem Snow

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Gem Snows

Gem Snows are one of the four different types of Snows. Gem Snows were originally created by Jim Holler from Reptilian Gems. Just like the other three types of snows, they hatch out with a white body and black bands, seen in the picture to the right. As they grow older, the bands break up.

Gem Snow Genetics

Currently Gem Snows are thought to be Dominant. Test breeding is still being done to prove the Gem Snows Dominant. Some still believe there may be a "Super" or homozygous form of the morph.

Gem Snow Crosses

Currently there are a few different Gem Snow crosses. Jim has been able to successfully cross his Gem Snows into Hypo Lines as well as with Tremper Albinos. He is also working on creating Gem Snow RAPTORs.

Other breeders have crossed Gem Snows with Mack Snows. Like the other three snow lines, when bred to a Mack Snow, a Gem Snow can produce a Super Snow, which leads many to believe Gem Snows are related to Mack Snows, but are not Mack Snows.


Great example of a Gem Snow, (Holler)

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