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Hatchling Enigma (Cadolini).
This is an eye shot of an Enigma (Locke).



What is an Enigma

An Enigma is a Leopard Gecko which is a dominate morph. When classifying an Enigma, there are a few common features which all Enigmas seem to have. When they hatch out, their spots tend to be blotches rather than bands. When looking at their tails, the tails are almost all white. As they grow older, the spotting increases and sometimes turns into speckles.


The Enigmas are considered a random genetic mutation. In 2006, Mark Bell produced the first Enigma when it randomly hatched out of one of his Leopard Gecko group.

This is a comparision of a Tangerine Enigma and a Mack Snow Tremper Albino Enigma (Baronak).
This is a comparision of a Tangerine Enigma and a Mack Snow Tremper Albino Enigma (Baronak).


When speaking the genetics of the Enigma, they are very interesting. If you are dealing with the Homozygous form of the Enigma, breeding it to another morph will give 100% Enigmas. If it is the Heterozygous form, 50% of the hatchlings will be Enigmas, the other 50% will be Wild Types.

When it comes to breeding Enigma to Enigma, there are three different scenarios. The first is breeding Homozygous Enigma to Homozygous Enigma. The pairing will create 100% Enigmas which are Homozygous. The next is Heterozygous Enigma to Homozygous Enigma. This pairing will create 50% Enigmas that are Homozygous for Enigma and 50% Enigmas who are Heterozygous for Enigma. The last pairing is Heterozygous Enigma paired with a Heterozygous Enigma. This will have three different outcomes. The first is 25% Homozygous Enigmas, next is 50% Heterozygous Enigmas, last is 25% Normals.

Enigma Crosses


Albey from Albey's "Too Cool" Reptiles and Matt Baronak from A&M Geckos have crossed the Enigmas into the Tangerine Lines producing some different looking Tangerines. Examples can be seen below.


Alberto and Matt from A&M Geckos have been able to produce Blizzard Enigmas and Blazing Blizzard Enigmas. With the Blizzard Enigma, one dominate trait (Enigma) and one recessive trait are in play (Blizzard). While with the Blazing Blizzard Enigmas, there are two recessive traits (Albino and Blizzard) in play and one dominate trait (Enigma).


A couple of breeders have been able to produce BEE's or Eclipse Enigmas. In the BEE's, one dominate trait (Enigma) and one recessive (Eclipse) trait are in play. The result is an Enigma with solid black eyes. Mack Snow Enigmas have been produced with solid black eyes, but the eclipse trait is not in play.


The expression of the Enigmas is interesting none the less. The eyes of the Bell Albinos tend to be red while the Tremper Albinos have orange colored eyes. Just like the other albinos, the body of the Enigma Albinos do not express black pigments.


The Bell Enigmas were the original Albino Enigmas. As mentioned above, they do not express black pigments and their eyes are red.


The Tremper Enigmas were the second type of Albino Enigmas to be produced. Like the Bells, they do not express black pigments either. They also have orange eyes rather than red.


Currently a few people have been crossing Enigmas and RAPTORs. The results have been incredible! Majority of the Enigma heterozygous for RAPTOR have hatched out which massive amounts of orange coloring on their bodies.

Enigma RAPTORs have been produced by A&M Geckos. They are calling the Enigma RAPTOR, Nova.


On June 24th, 2008, Alberto Cadolini hatched the first Rainwater Albino Enigma. It can be seen below.

Mack Snow

The Mack Snow Enigmas are a combination of an Incomplete Dominate trait and a Dominate trait. In appearance, they Mack Snow Enigmas have a white body with blotchy black spots.

Black Hole

A Black Hole is a combination morph of one dominate trait (Enigma), one incomplete dominate trait (Mack Snow), and a recessive trait (Eclipse). The first Black Hole was hatched by A&M Geckos and debuted on Gecko Forums on January 26, 2007. With the Black Holes, the Eclipse trait blocks out the coloring the Enigma trait would show in the eyes so the eyes are a solid black. The body pattern of the Black Hole will vary because of the Enigma trait.

Super Snow Enigma

The Super Snow Enigmas have white bodies, solid black eyes, and black speckles on their bodies. The Super Snow Enigmas were first produced by JMG Reptiles in 2007.

Super Snow Albino Enigma

As the name suggest, the Super Snow Albino Enigma is a combination morph of 3 different genetic traits, Super Snow (Incomplete Dominate), any of the three albino strands (Recessive), and the Enigma (Dominate). Debbie Prince from The Gecko Prince hatched the first Super Snow Bell Enigma on February 12, 2008. The pictures first appeared on GeckoForums.net. In appearance, the Super Snow Albino Enigma's will have solid red eyes, with a light pink to white body with random brown to pink speckling.

Matt Baronak and Alberto Cadolini have been able to produce a Super Snow Tremper Albino Enigma. Pictures can be seen below.


A Nova is a combination morph of the Enigma trait and the RAPTOR morph. The first Nova debuted on December 30, 2007 on GeckoForums.net. It was produced by A&M Geckos. Along with the Nova, there are a few other morphs which will come out of the same project; Dreamsickle (Mack Snow RAPTOR Enigma) and the Super Nova (RAPTOR Super Snow Enigma).


A Dreamsickle is a combination morph of the Enigma trait, RAPTOR morph, and the Mack Snow morph. The first Dreamsickle debuted on January 15, 2008. It was produced by A&M Geckos. Along with the Dreamsickle, they have named a few other combination morphs, the Nova (RAPTOR Enigma), and the Super Nova (RAPTOR Super Snow Enigma).

In appearance, a Dreamsickle is a white gecko with red eyes. It is unknown how it will look as it grows older.

Super Nova

A Super Nova currently is considered the Holy Grail of combination morphs. It is a cross between a Super Snow, RAPTOR, and an Enigma. Currently, the closest company to producing a Super Nova is A&M Geckos who have recently produced a Nova and a Dreamsickle.


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