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The word Eclipse refers to an eye trait where the eye is completely covered. There are three different forms in which the Eclipse trait appears. The forms are also unrelated. They are, Mack Super Snows, Tremper Eclipse, and Blizzards.

Super Snows

Notice the solid black eyes on the mack super snow

One of the key traits which makes a Super Snow a Super Snow is the eclipsed eye. In the non albino version, the Super Snows have two solid black eyes, seen at the right. In the albino versions, the Super Snow eyes tend to vary from red to a deep ruby red.

Tremper Eclipse

the raptor hatchling has solid red eyes.

The Tremper Eclipse trait randomly popped up in 2004 when Ron Tremper was producing the APTORs. The Tremper Eclipse eye is solid black in the non albino variations and red to a ruby red in the albino versions, as seen on the right. From the Tremper Eclipse, Snake Eyes.

Genetically, the Tremper Eclipse trait is recessive. When breeding two Tremper Eclipses, Snake Eyed geckos can be produced as well as Eclipses. If Snake Eyes are bred together, Eclipses can also be produced.

The Tremper Eclipse trait has also been crossed into a few different morphs, creating a few new combination morphs. They have been crossed with the Blizzards, as apart of the Diablo Blancos, crossed with the Super Snows as apart of the Super RAPTORs, and in the RADAR Bells.

Blizzard Eclipse

The Blizzard Eclipse trait also randomly popped up in Blizzard groups. As of right now, there seems to be nothing genetically behind the Blizzard Eclipse. When breeding two Blizzard Eclipses, non Eclipse Blizzards can be produced as well as Snake Eyed Blizzards and Blizzard Eclipses.


Eclipse: recessive (Can show in all morphs) Super Snow Eclipse: incomplete dominant (only in Snows) Blizzard Eclipse: recessive (Only in Blizzards)


this is a tremper albino mack snow eclipse
eclipse white and yellow
mack snow eclipse white and yellow (baronak).

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