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A Dreamsickle is a combination morph of the Enigma trait, RAPTOR morph, and the Mack Snow morph. The first Dreamsickle debuted on January 15, 2008. It was produced by A&M Geckos.


  • Raptor(red eye, eclipse): recessive
  • rAptor: Albino Tremper: recessive
  • raPtor(Patternless stripe): recessive
  • rapTor: Tremper Albino: recessive
  • raptOR(Orange): poly genetic, line bred
  • Mack Snow: incomplete dominant
  • Enigma: dominant



1st ever produced dreamsickle. baronak, matt. a&m geckos. 17 jan 2008 <http://www.amgecko.com>.
Updated picture of 1st Dreamsickle. Baronak, Matt. A&M Geckos. 17 Jan 2008 <http://www.amgecko.com>.

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