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Aurora - it's a new combinative morph resulted from the crossing Bell Albino and White & Yellow. This morph looks like Bell Albino with very strong influence of dominant White & Yellow pattern and White & Yellow hypo-colours.



Sergey and Raisa Prohorchik from Prohorchik reptiles have been crossing W&Y het. Bell Albino with W&Y het. Bell Albino and Bell albino with W&Y het. Bell albino since 2008. In the result they got albino and non-albino babies. Some of non-albino were similar to wild-type normal, other non-albino showed some influence of W&Y genotype. The albino babies were different too, some of them were similar to Bell albino and the others showed very strong influence of W&Y genotype. And these outstanding and very attractive babies, that got maximum orange hypo-background from W&Y, appeared stable in litters in every breeding season, so it was decided to call such lizards "Aurora".

Characteristic Aurora traits

Aurora is an albino morph, so it has eyes similar to Bell Albino's, they are very light with contrast red veins. In coloration these lizards show the great pattern and colour influence of W&Y bright orange hypo-background. Legs and tail have an unusual cold blue-pink coloration and the name "Aurora" was given to this morph because of that strange coloration.

Aurora Images

hypo bell albino w&y baby

Image Reference

  • Sergey and Raisa Prohorchik, Prohorchik reptiles